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Pinakin Patel, with a legacy of over 3 decades, has the distinction of launching India’s first lifestyle and furniture store, taking the lead in exploring the possibilities of modern Indian luxury design.
His search led him to brand new creative frontiers, to make Pinakin Retail what it is today: the benchmark for handcrafted modern Indian furniture.
The Company’s workshop has a carefully handpicked repertoire of India’s finest artisanal expertise, craftsmen, manufacturers and designers that matches international standards of quality and design.
The company has over the years mastered the art of creating signature pieces that are absolutely unique to an individual, lending a very personalized expression to design.
While giving distinction to your favourite spaces, the company’s march continues unabated, championing their credo: to be distinctively modern, distinctively Indian.
Pinakin Retail’s, exclusive positioning at the forefront of modern Indian luxury design, breaks fresh grounds, with the new CEO, Piyush Raj.

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